What Is PintPass?

PintPass is an app specifically designed for craft beer drinkers, brewers and pourers. PintPass pays people to visit breweries everywhere in the United States in exchange for answering a few questions.

Is PintPass Free?

PintPass is 100% free for app users and for you! Whether they are paying at a brewery, or taproom – accepting PintPass as a form of payment will never cost you a cent.

Why Does PintPass Exist?

Why not? PintPass is committed to making the craft beer industry better by providing a free experience for users and Breweries/taprooms in order to provide more feedback, engagement, and community.

How do I accept the PintPass payment?

To accept payment: The user will click on the My Tab screen within the app (bottom center) and then click on their Gold Card. Next, they will be asked to enter the amount of their tab, and the card will then be generated on their screen. Users must leave a $5 minimum on their card in order to cover a possible tip and avoid overdrafts.
Whoever is taking payment just has to enter the credit card number as you would on a credit card whose magnetic stripe is broken or faded.

I don’t see my brewery or taproom on the app – what should I do?

We’re always looking to add new breweries. Please email us at support@pintpass.com so users can earn money just by going to your establishment.

How do I update my brewery info or beer list?

Please send any update to support@pintpass.com and we will get it entered into the app ASAP.

Still have questions?

Send a note to support@pintpass.com and we’re happy to answer any questions and figure out how PintPass can help!

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