PintPass started when Ryan, the founder, was having a pint celebrating the birth of his first child.

With friends spread across the country, and the group wanting to buy a round in celebration, PintPass and Text-A-Beer were born.

Drinking beer had never been a challenge for these guys, but finding the best new brews in their area or when they traveled was never easy. PintPass changes that.

With over 180 breweries and more coming soon, PintPass is the best way to connect you and your drinking buddies to the craft beer you may not know, but will definitely love.

And because even the best drinking buddy has to sit one out every now and then, PintPass is the only way to Text A Beer to your friends, keeping you connected to great friends and great brews.

The free app has three main features:

Helping people discover local craft breweries and showing app users what is currently on tap at breweries in their area or places they’re traveling.

The optional PintPass subscription gets users discounts on pints and/or growlers at local craft breweries. PintPass members can also enjoy free food when they buy two local beers at participating member restaurants.

Our patent pending Text-A-Beer (T.A.B.) feature allows people to text beers to their friends to be redeemed at PintPass member breweries nationwide.